It’s not always immediately available, but finding your AirPods’ firmware version is easy, and updating your AirPod firmware is even easier. Now that you’ve upgraded the firmware (or figured out that you don’t have to), check out these 19 tips to improve the AirPods experience. You don’t have to do anything complicated, and the steps below work almost all the time. They apply to the AirPods , AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. You won’t find an option or a toggle on your iPhone to initiate an over-the-air AirPods firmware update. However, you can set up your AirPods and iPhone in a way that can trigger the update.

  • However, sometimes things may not be this easy, and you would have to update the firmware manually.
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Although a device allows firmware updates, you should be very cautious. Besides, updating the firmware is difficult since it sometimes requires the circuitry replacement and reprogramming via a special procedure. Firmware can act as a complete operating system for less complex devices or provide a standard operating system for more complex software to perform all monitoring, control, and data manipulation functions. For example, the firmware inside your smartphone includes code running inside the camera module. This handles image collection and early processing, before handing data off to the ISP and other processing components. Likewise, the display will also have its own tiny microprocessor, complete with firmware, to handle color data, brightness, gamma, and other settings.


Third, once there, users should check the firmware version. Apple released firmware version 5B58 on Tuesday just for the latest AirPods Pro 2. It has now expanded availability to all recent models .

Not only that, but updated firmware will also help you enjoy new features. However, unlike the iOS and iPhone, it’s not as easy to update them, and Apple doesn’t release new AirPods firmware versions nearly as often. Notice that there’s no button to update AirPods firmware like there is to update the iOS. That’s because Apple doesn’t allow users to perform this update. Instead, AirPods firmware is automatically updated whenever a new version is available. Funny thing was that when the podcast app came back in the forefront, audio from it was back to the AirPods.

What do you mean by hardware software and firmware?

If I were trying to hurry the AirTag firmware update along, I would keep the AirTag close to its paired iPhone, and keep the iPhone on Wi-Fi and with a good strong battery charge for quite a while. I have had my airtag next to my paired phone for 3 days now and no update yet. Because now you can use the Precision Finding feature in the Find My app to locate an unknown AirTag that has been moving with you. Tap the name of your AirTag, and the serial number and firmware version will appear. The first thing to do when your right AirPod Pro is not charging is to check the charging case.

Apple hasn’t released notes or information about what the firmware update does to the AirPods Max. The release could potentially be enabling features in software, improving the performance, or correcting any issues with the device, such as the last firmware’s fix for a battery drain issue. If you haven’t updated your AirPods, you can’t force an update.

This means that all legit AirPods everywhere have been updated with brand new features and improvements on AirPods. One of the main things they feature is the new “Spatial Audio” capability of AirPods Pro and Max. This improvement in integration is very easy to explain. AirPods will be able to anticipate your needs and if, for example, you are watching a movie and they call you on your iPhone, they will know that you are interested in using them to talk through them. So they automatically disconnect and connect to the iPhone. Once the call ends, they return to the other device so that you can continue watching or listening to what you were playing.

There are 2 ways of thinking about this naming convention. The first way to think about this is that Firmware is a special program that sits between the hardware and all other types of software. This term wetware is still used most often in science fiction, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular phrase, especially as human-machine interface technology progresses.